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拼音表一 form 1

拼音表二 form 2

我的身体 – Learn to name your body parts in Chinese

This video tells you how to name some of your body parts in Mandarin Chinese. Don’t forget to practice with your own body! 🙂

水果名 - learn your favorite fruits in Chinese

It tells you how to say the words for some common fruits in Mandarin Chinese.

蝴蝶歌 - A song about butterflies

It’s a song about butterflies which teaches you the words of spring.


我的家 - Learn the words to call family members

It teaches you how to call your family members in Chinese. Now you’ve learnt to call your loved ones in Mandarin Chinese!

Live Chinese Class

Hi, everyone. My live Chinese Class is here. I’m creating Mandarin Chinese learning videos for those who are starting their Chinese language learning. Please leave me your comments after watching the videos, so you can help me to make better videos in the future. Thank you and stay tuned!

Song about Colors