Learning Chinese has never been so fun!

At my Chinese program  “KAISHIN Chinese” the learning process comes alive through fun and creative activities.

The instructional goal of my lessons is to enable students to acquire basic listening, speaking, reading and writing capabilities of Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese) through a process of fun learning and training activities, to expose students to Chinese language, culture and lay a solid ground for their further mastering of the profound Chinese language.

So all my teaching and training techniques are created to help improving students’ Chinese language skills, raising their  learning motivation, stimulating their active thinking and increasing their overall proficiency in the use of Chinese language.

For younger children, they will sing, dance, play games and draw their way into learning basic Chinese and to read PINYIN, the phonetic sound of Mandarin Chinese.

PINYIN is the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation. Learning pinyin will help children speak the sound of Mandarin accurately.

Come join us today to experience the wonderful world of learning Chinese!

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